Industries We Serve

From novice to experts, across all industries, our users experience unparalleled benefits using our tools. Our tools offer optimization solutions for Multidiscipline, general, and structural design projects.


Our GENESIS software can help with everything from crashworthiness to frame and body design to Suspension design.  Our VisualDOC MDO software can assist with virtually all non-structural design applications such as CFD design of transmission parts.


Whether you are performing multidiscipline aerodynamic and structural design of a wing or reliability based design of a landing gear, we can help.

Cargo Ship


Shipping and transportation engineers use our software to optimize everything from cargo carriers to hulls of ocean-going vessels, transporting thousands of tons of material.

Sporting Goods

Our software has been used for innovative design on a variety of sporting equipment. Examples include: golf clubs, bicycles and baseball bats.

Auto Racing/Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 racing teams use our software to develop optimal designs for both composite and metallic structures. We have also developed tools to facilitate the optimization of composite laminates and allow coupled optimization to non-linear solvers.


As part of our commitment to education and research, we provide our optimization software to universities for use in teaching and academic research.


Our optimization software supports design for low mass and efficiency across all domains for land, sea, air, space and military hardware.

Some Specific Use Cases

VR&D structural analysis and optimization software is used in a broad range of industries, including automotive design, Formula One racing, defense/aerospace, transportation and in universities.

Specific use cases of our optimization software include:

  • Instrument panels
  • Cross beams
  • Noise reduction of engines
  • Noise reduction of automobile transmissions
  • Truck frames
  • Submarine sails
  • Bicycle frames
  • Mass reduction of castings
  • Formula 1 monocoque body
  • Golf clubs