Vanderplaats R&D Academic Software Packages

At VR&D we recognize the importance of incorporating modern design optimization concepts into the educational process. VR&D encourages the addition of this topic to engineering curricula. As part of our commitment to education and research in this field, we are pleased to offer our optimization software to universities for use in teaching and academic research at a discounted rate.


Vanderplaats R&D Academic Software Packages

Current VR&D Academic Optimization Offerings:


  • Enhance Research Productivity – focus on your research instead of spending time re-inventing or creating finite element codes, solvers, graphic routines, and optimizers.
  • Enhance the Quality of Your Publications – take advantage of VR&D’s graphical tools that can be used to show your own analysis and optimization results.
  • Easy to Use – use the provided executables and libraries to combine them with your own research code.
  • Use our Multidiscipline Design Optimization textbook.
  • Save Time – instead of creating classroom examples on your own, use some of VR&D’s! Our design optimization software comes with step-by-step guides which includes over 100 examples.
  • Experience Commercial Software – academic versions of the software are not limited in functionality.
  • Learn Real Life Applications – use VR&D software to apply to real life applications. Learn how to solve structural and general optimization problems using our easy to follow examples.
  • Universities can purchase multiple licenses at low academic rates!