This course goes indepth to cover the details of integrating VisualDOC with different types of analysis programs. Each of the ways of integrating VisualDOC with analyses will be covered.

After the course is completed the students will be able to decide how best to couple their analysis programs with VisualDOC, and how to perform the integration. Students will understand the different methods, the benefits, and even how to embed VisualDOC in their analysis using the VisualDOC API.


  • Basic knowledge of algebra and calculus
  • Basic knowledge of optimization
  • Introduction to VisualDOC
  • Some experience with programming, Excel, and/or MATLAB is benefical

Class Topics

    • Simple text-file integration
      • Coupling with third party programs (e.g., LS-DYNA)
    • Integration with MATLAB
    • Integration with Excel
    • Enhanced integration using VisualScript


    • Text-file integration
    • MATLAB integration
    • Excel integration
    • Multidisciplinary design optimization
    • Advanced control
  • Using the VisualDOC API

Class Style

  • The instructor will present teaching material and solve examples
  • Hands-on exercises will be solved by the students assisted by instructor
  • 1 day
  • One student per computer


  • The class will be taught by experts in optimization


  • Novi, Michigan
  • On site

Class Time

  • Class begins at 8:30am

VisualDOC Advanced Integration Course.pdf (224.32 KB)