Vanderplaats R&D announces release of the latest version of VisualDOC v10.0.

Vanderplaats R&D is pleased to announce release of the latest version of VisualDOC v10.0.

VisualDOC 10.0 release has several new features and enhancements:
1. Design Module New Features and Enhancements

  • Ability to handle failed analysis
  • New CMBDOT – discrete optimization method in Gradient Based Optimization and RSA optimization
  • Two discrete variable optimizers, DSCDOT and CMBDOT are now available in VisualDOC API
  • New Sensitivity Analysis run option
  • New tuning parameter in optimization component – Constraint Normalization Default Min (CNDefaultMIN) for Gradient Based Optimization and Non-Gradient Based Optimization

2. New Analysis Plugins and Enhancements

3. New Post-processing tools and Enhancements

  • New Pie Chart tool for passed/failed design point status
  • New Real-time design points table and summary reports feature
  • Enhancements in summary reports

4. Other GUI Enhancements

For more details about VisualDOC New Release, Click here

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