Webinar – Design Optimization: History and Prospects: January 18, 2018

VR&D 2018 Webinar Series:
Design Optimization: History and Prospects
by Dr. Garret N Vanderplaats

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The purpose here is to discuss the use of optimization techniques for engineering design. This will begin with a brief historical review of this technology from the initial concept to modern approximation techniques. The present state of the art will be reviewed and some examples will be offered to demonstrate what is now routine. It will be seen that, while numerous mathematical approaches have been offered for multi-discipline design optimization, these have not received widespread acceptance and it is argued that applying optimization within the more traditional design environment may be most effective. It is concluded that the state of the art is now reasonably mature. The challenge now is to assimilate this technology into the practicing design environment.

Webinar information will be emailed to registered recipients. Due to limited availability early registration is encouraged. Thursday January 18, 2018 11:00 AM New York (GMT-0500) 04:00PM London (GMT) 05:00PM Paris (GMT+0100).

1 Hour

About the Speaker:
Dr. Garret N. (Gary) Vanderplaats received his Ph.D. in Solid Mechanics in 1971. He worked as Research Scientist for 8 years at NASA Ames Research Center. He then taught for 5 years at the Naval Postgraduate School and in 1984 joined the faculty at U.C. Santa Barbara as professor of Mechanical Engineering. At UCSB, he twice received the outstanding professor award in Mechanical Engineering. In 1987, he left the university to devote full time to industrial R&D and software development in design optimization. He is presently CEO of Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc. Dr. Vanderplaats is author of the numerous op¬timization programs and has directed the development the VisualDOC multidiscipline design optimization program and the GENESIS structural optimization program. He has applied optimization techniques to a wide variety of design problems in aeronautical, civil, mechanical and automotive engineering. He has authored numerous papers, as well as a textbook, and has lectured extensively, worldwide. He is a fellow of the AIAA and is recipient of the 2002 AIAA Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Award.


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