13th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis Optimization Conference

Authors: Santosh Tiwari, Hong Dong, Brian C. Watson, and Juan P. Leiva
Publication Date: September 13-15,2010

In this paper, the redesigned VisualDOC software; a tool for design process definition, integration, execution, and automation is presented. This new version also has significant emphasis on design modules such as Optimization, Design of Experiments, Response Surfaces, and so on. The new VisualDOC is a system that allows the designer to graphically create a connected workflow of components resembling a traditional flowchart and define each component in the flowchart appropriately. This improved version presents a new approach to defining flow of execution, information transfer and associativity, and concurrent monitoring (visualization) of the execution process. It is designed to be a flexible and powerful tool that can be used to model virtually any design process. The new VisualDOC combines modeling, simulation, and visualization/presentation aspects of a design process into a single and coherent software tool. Here, a conceptual description and salient features of the new design of VisualDOC are presented.