Saving Money Through Optimization

Saving Money Through Optimization

By: Dr. Garret (Gary) N. Vanderplaats, Ph.D., PE

As the nation and the world are coming to recognize the need to conserve our natural resources, design optimization is an engineering tool which can contribute to this effort. This technology is available now to improve efficiency of existing and future vehicles while satisfying requirements for safety, emissions and reliability.

The purpose of this talk will be threefold. First, we will offer a brief overview of the development of optimization technology, leading to the current state of the art. This will show the generality and efficiency of using optimization. Second, we will offer examples to demonstrate the energy savings possible when we apply optimization in the design process. Finally, we will consider the energy savings and economic benefits achievable through the use of optimization in the future.

It is concluded that, whether we apply optimization to current designs of conventional vehicles and products or future designs requiring new and innovative technologies, optimization is a design tool whose time has come. This seminar is intended for managers and decision makers seeking the best possible design technology as well as practitioners who seek an overview of these design tools.

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