Freeform and Composite Optimization Workshop

Freeform and Composite Optimization Workshop

What will be covered:

  • Overview and GENESIS and Design Studio
  • Optimization of Laminated Composites
  • Performing Freeform Optimization
  • Introduction to Shape Optimization
  • Creating Optimization Data Using Design Studio
  • Post-processing of Optimization Results with Design Studio
  • Hands-On Exercises will be Solved by Attendees with Instructor Help

About the Workshop:

This workshop will provide an in-depth look at freeform and composite optimization using GENESIS and Design Studio. In this workshop we will look at the capabilities of GENESIS to optimize laminated composites. Explore Freeform Optimization and a new shape optimization capability. This special shape optimization capability allows the user to find the best location and shape of rib patterns that stiffen solid structures. It can also be used to find the best location of grids in any type of structure.

About the Software:

GENESIS is a fully integrated finite element analysis and design optimization software package, written by leading experts in structural optimization. Shape, sizing, topography, topometry, and topology optimizations are available to the user.

Design Studio for GENESIS is a design oriented pre- and post-processor graphical interface for GENESIS. Design Studio allows users to display finite element models and to easily create GENESIS design data. It allows users to display analysis as well as optimization results.


If you have any questions regarding the workshop please contact:Phani Adduri (email: (phone: 248-596-1611 x101)

Early registration is encouraged due to limited seating.




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